Our Story: Providing Better Gas Boiler Installation Services

Our Story

Dean & Melanie

As with all good businesses, HeatNI started off with a husband and wife team. Both combining their skills to change how we buy boilers in Northern Ireland.


Securing Boiler Installation Services Was Difficult

We noticed that the existing process for obtaining a boiler installation quote and service was quite cumbersome for customers. It often involved a lengthy wait for a tradesperson to visit the property, with frequent disappointments from them not showing up as promised.

Recognizing these challenges, we’ve transformed the process to be more streamlined and reliable, saving our customers time and hassle. No more waiting for tradespeople to come to you for a quotation, being let down and waiting in all day, then waiting days for quotes to arrive.


We Wanted To Modernise Boiler Services in Northern Ireland

Seeking to revolutionise boiler services in Northern Ireland, we leveraged our extensive experience in the gas industry, spanning over 25 years of boiler installations, to modernise how customers purchase boilers.

This evolution included enabling online quotes in minutes via our website, this streamlined the process significantly and ensured that customers could get a quote at a time that suited them.

Additionally, with Melanie’s 20-plus years of experience in property maintenance and a strong focus on delivering quality customer service, we bring together, a combination of skills that enhance our service delivery.

Our goal was to make boiler purchasing and installation more efficient, customer-friendly, and adapted to modern needs – which is exactly what we have achieved with HeatNI.


Today, We Are Recognised Across Northern Ireland for your Boiler Needs

HeatNI has now become a recognised name across Northern Ireland for quality boiler installation services, thanks to our commitment to doing things differently and prioritising customers first.

By providing an efficient service, competitive boiler pricing, and attractive finance options, we’ve established a solid foundation that our customers appreciate and attest to.

Our approach involves quick online quotes and rapid installation from our team of skilled tradespeople. This customer-centric model has helped us grow rapidly, with increasing numbers of satisfied customers.

Today, HeatNI is known for reliable boiler quotes, installation services and exceptional customer service, always placing the customer’s needs at the forefront. If we sound like the type of people you would like to work with, contact us today. We’re ready to assist with your boiler needs and provide you with the efficient, customer-focused service you deserve.


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