Worcester Greenstar Ri 18KW

Worcester Greenstar Ri 18KW


Your fixed price includes the Boiler, Installation, and everything below.

  • Your new boiler, flue, and all installation fittings
  • Installation by a Gas Safe engineer
  • System cleaner and inhibitor
  • Magnetic system filter
  • Wireless EPH thermostat (combi boilers only)
  • Carbon Monoxide alarm
  • Gas Safe certificate and boiler warranty registration

* Vertical flue or any other flue attachments added as extras at checkout


  • Our best selling regular boiler that fits within a standard kitchen cupboard
  • Suitable for small to medium homes
  • Can be used with our Greenskies solar panels and hot water storage cylinders


Worcester Greenstar Ri – FAQs

We have supplied and fitted the Greenstar Ri boilers in homes across Northern Ireland. Check out our advice to some frequently asked questions, or alternatively get in touch with us.

Is Worcester Greenstar Ri a Combi Boiler?

No, the Greenstar Ri is not a combi boiler. It’s a regular boiler that works with a separate cylinder for hot water.

What Type of Boiler Is a Worcester Greenstar Ri?

The Worcester Greenstar Ri is a regular or conventional boiler. Unlike combi boilers,  a regular boiler will heat your central heating and hot water separately. For example, the Greenstar Ri doesn’t directly provide hot water for taps; it heats water stored in a separate hot water cylinder.

What Size Home is the Worcester Greenstar Ri 18kW Suitable for?

The Worcester Greenstar Ri 18kW boiler is suitable for small to medium-sized homes with around 8-10 radiators. However, if you have a high demand for hot water (e.g., multiple bathrooms with frequent showers), you might need a larger boiler or a system boiler with a bigger hot water cylinder.

Are There any Different Versions of the Worcester Greenstar Ri?

The Worcester Greenstar Ri series comes in various output sizes, making it suitable for a range of home sizes. At HeatNI, we can supply this gas boiler in the following alternative sizes;

  • 15 Kw: Ideal for smaller homes with fewer radiators and lower heating requirements, the 15 kW version of the Worcester Greenstar Ri series offers efficient heating in a compact size.
  • 24 Kw: The 24 kW model is suitable for medium-sized homes, providing a balance between power and efficiency for more substantial heating and hot water needs.

The specific size of the home that each model can accommodate depends on its heating output and the overall heating and hot water demands of the property. If you’re still unsure as to which would best fit your needs, you can complete our short questionnaire to get a recommended boiler.

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